ORIGINAL TITLE Title: חנוכת הבית לדוד
PRONUNCIATION: Hanukat ha-Ba'it le-David
TYPE: Book
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Scholarly Work on Hanukkah

Year: 1885
Decade: 1880s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

A scholarly work on Hanukkah, its laws and customs.

According to scholar צבי בן-דור בנית, “Wow. India. Calcutta. Hanukkat habaiyyit ledavid. The author is Rabbi shlomo tweina. An Iraqi Jew (like myself..) a true polyglot and a scholar.”

Name: R. Solomon b. Abed Twena
Type: Author
Born In: Bhagdad, Iraq
Workded In: Calcutta, India
Artists Dates: 1856-1913
Artist Information: He was born and raised in Baghdad and moved to Calcutta in 1880. In addition to his scholarly works he operated a printing press which produced two weeklies, Maggid Meisharim (1889–1900) and Shoshannah (1901), edited and printed by R. Solomon. He was the author of almost 70 works published by his own press