TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: cloth covers; 98 pages
CONDITION: good condition, tiny pinholes throughout
NOTES: An early Judeo-Arabic book. Very rare. No copy in Jnul. Does not appear in Mifal Hasefer Haivri. OCLC lists just one copy worldwide - that of Yu. See Yosef Tobi Judeo-Arabic literature in Tunisia for more information.
Foreign Language Inscription: ספר שיר השירים : ותרגומו, טעמו ונימוקו עמו, גם אשו״ר נלוה עמו, ביאור בלשון ... ער״בי להבין אמרי בינה לעיני בני עמו ... עיר ... תוניס ...
ITEM ID: 3485

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Shir Hashirim and Translation in Judeo-Arabic

Year: 1791
Decade: 1790s
Century: 18th (1701-1800)
Notes: 551 [1790 or 1791]

Judeo-Arabic printed work: Shir Hashirim and Translation. Contains the full text of the Shir Hashirim with Judeo-Arabic translation and commentary. This is one of the earliest books printed in Judeo-Arabic – the first known is a pamphlet containing Aseret Hadibrot in 1737 and almost no other until the 19th century.