ORIGINAL TITLE Title: Cathecismo breve en lengua mexicana con el acto de contrición
PRONUNCIATION: Cathecismo breve en lengua mexicana con el acto de contrición
TYPE: Documents (Loose)
DIMENSIONS: 19 cm x 27 cm.
COMPONENTS: 1 paper sheet.
CONDITION: Decorative woodcut frame. Trimmed margins. Watermark. In the Nahuatl language. Very good condition.
NOTES: The watermark of the paper makes me believe that this could be the 1774 print. Whatever the year, it is doesn't change the fact that is of utmost rarity, almost unique.

Reference: Ugarte, Salvador. Catalogo de Obras escritas en Lenguas Indigenas: #95 According to Ugarte, a Spanish translation was supposed to accompany the Náhuatl print on the left side.  He notes that: “el ejemplar en mi poder procede de la biblioteca del Sr. Joaquin Icazbalceta cuya descripción da en sus 'apuntes'. Medina Pilling y Viñaza lo siguen porque no conocieron otro ejemplar. El Dr. León parece que poseía uno. No conozco ni tengo noticia de la primera impresión de la cual ésta es una reimpresión" (the copy in my power comes from the library of Mr. Joaquin Icazbalceta whose description is given in his 'notes'. Medina Pilling and Viñaza follow him because they knew no other copy. Dr. Leon seems to have owned that one copy.  I do not know nor do I have news of the first print, and the copy I have is a reprint ." No known copy of the 1774 print; only the Jenks Library at Gordon College has a copy of the 1817 print.
priceInfo: 7/13
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Short Cathecism in Mexican Language with the Act of Contrition

Notes: 1774 or 1817

“Cathecismo breve” was printed in 1774 and then reprinted in 1817.

The “Cathecismo Breve…” was a simple, concise and brief catechism made by a Jesuit missionary for the purpose of evangelization of Indians during the XVII century. The catechism was translated to Nahuatl, Tarascan and Otomi languages, although it was only formally printed in Nahuatl. 

Bartolome Castaño (Santarem, Portugal 1601-1679?) an ascetic and catechetical writer and missionary. He came to New Spain at 21 years old and spent 10 years in the missions of Sinaloa and then 15 years in Sonora converting Indians. He spoke six languages. Then in the Temple of la Profesa in Mexico City, he was a catechist and prefect of the congregation of the Salvador.

His “Cathecismo Breve …” (1655), was recommended by the Council of Antequera, and had many editions. It was translated into Nahuatl, Otomi and Tarascan.

Name: Bartolome Castaño 
Type: Author