TYPE: Artifact
ITEM ID: 561

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Slave Collar

Year: 1835
Decade: 1830s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: Circa early 1800's.

A rare slave collar with intricate tool marks by a blacksmith. This is an exceptional item in the age and the rarity of this type of slave collar. There were similar collars sold at different auctions that had less patina and age. This is a collar that was used to restrict the movement of an enslaved African on the plantation. This type of collar has the half moon inscribed with a tool mark throughout the collar, which is an African Adrinka symbol. Most blacksmiths in the early 1800’s were of African decent. Regular collars with a thin metal were used on animals and sometimes had spikes around the rim. Or, some chain link collars from the 19th century are mistakenly claimed to having been used for enslaved Africans.The above Rare Slave Collar is guaranteed as an original from the early 19th century, that was used on en-slaved Africans.