MATERIAL: Lithography
TYPE: Folio/Portfolio
DIMENSIONS: 48 cm x 32 cm
CONDITION: Lithography issued indecently of any book or publication. Some small wormholes in the central section, some tears and losses on the margins, 9 cm tear in the upper left section. Good condition.
NOTES: No institutional holding record on OCLC. It has some defects, but it's a big and beautiful print, and also a very rare - I can´t find any single institutional holding of it on OCLC or anywhere else. It was issued loose like this, it wasn´t part of any book; it was meant for sale like it is. It´s of great quality: it was made by Litografia de Decaen, the same workshop responsible of "Mexico y sus alrededores".
ITEM ID: 3929
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St. Asela Virgin and Martyr

Decade: 1840s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: c1840

Sta. Asela Virgen y Martir. Cuyo cuerpo se venera en el convento de la purisima concepción de Puebla.Translation:St. Asela Virgin and Martyr. Whose body is venerated in the convent of the purisima conception of Puebla.

Name: Litografia de Decaen
Type: Lithographer