ORIGINAL TITLE Title: חכאית מלכת שבא מעא שלמה
TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: 32 pages; cloth covers
CONDITION: Very good condition.
NOTES: Books in Judeo-Berber are rarely seen.
ITEM ID: 2517
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Story of Malkat Sheva

Year: 1920
Decade: 1920s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Tunisian Judeo-Arabic Story of Malkat Sheva ( חכאית מלכת שבא מעא שלמה)

According to scholar Noam Sienna, “This is not in Judeo-Berber! That is a misunderstanding of the phrase “al-arabiyya al-barbariyya” to refer to North African Judeo-Arabic – it might be more accurately translated “Barbary Arabic.” This is in Tunisian Judeo-Arabic, and in fact I own a copy of the same book, also with the stamp of Koskas! He must have had two copies.”