ORIGINAL TITLE Title: "Go" Game Strategy
PRONUNCIATION: "Go" Game Strategy
MATERIAL: Woodblock Printed
TYPE: Print Book (Set)
DIMENSIONS: 7 X 10 inches (each volume - closed)
COMPONENTS: 3 volumes; 156 pages; 150 have fine Japanese woodblock prints; original covers & title slips; contents complete
CONDITION: fine impressions, good shape for the age.
ITEM ID: 2312

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Strategy Book for Japanese “GO”

Year: 1824
Decade: 1820s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: Bunsei 7

Japanese woodblock print book set on game strategy for Japanese “GO,” depicting important moves and strategies. GO is the most complicated board game in the world, and differs from chess in that it is a strategic game while chess is tactical.