MATERIAL: Lithography
TYPE: Poster
DIMENSIONS: 46.5 cm x 68 cm.
COMPONENTS: Two inks lithograph poster from a series.
CONDITION: With some barely noticeable tape repairs on the back.
NOTES: Rare WWII era poster by the Taller de Grafica Popular.
priceInfo: 6/10/16
ITEM ID: 3622
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Taller de Grafica Popular Lithograph

Year: 1942

This poster is from a series of posters made during World War II by the Taller de Grafica Popular (TGP ). The TGP was a guild of graphic artists from 1937, composed mainly by Mexicans but also with some foreigners like Jean Charlot and Elizabeth Catlett. Up to this day, the work of the first generation of the TGP is considered the most important graphic art made by Mexico in the 20th century.”Mariscal S. Timoshenko sus triunfos son los nuestros (Marshall S. Timoshenko, His triumphs are ours) features an almost photorealist technique in its portrayal. Here Mendez adopted a soviet socialist realist style to lionize the military hero, using the red star and block lettering often seen in soviet poster as a dramatic counterbalance to Timoshenko´s carefully composed, photographically realistic, dignified face. The artist´s keen sense of design is evident in this print. Two stars on Timoshenko´s collar echo the red star to the left and, along with the triangular shapes of the collar, point back to the res star and lettering. Creating a geometric rhythm that enlivens the otherwise sober portrait…” (Caplow, Deborah. Leopoldo Méndez: Revolutionary Art and the Mexican Print. University of Texas Press, 2007.)

Name: Leopoldo Méndez
Type: Artist