TYPE: Documents (Loose)
COMPONENTS: telegram; laminated to a wooden plaque for display
ITEM ID: 2250

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Telegram from John F. Kennedy to Juanita Jackson

Year: 1963
Decade: 1960s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

A telegram from John F. Kennedy from Washington D.C. to Juanita Jackson re: meeting to discuss “the Nation’s Civil Rights Problem.” Standard Western Union Telegram, dated July 3, 1963. Reads as follows:”At four o’clock on Tuesday, July 9, I am meeting with a group of leaders of women’s organizations throughout the country to discuss those aspects of the nation’s civil rights problem in which women and women’s organizations can play a special role. This matter merits serious and immediate attention and I would be pleased to have you attend the meeting to be held in the East Room of the White House. Please advise whether you will be able to attend, John F. Kennedy.”