TYPE: Documents (Loose)
COMPONENTS: 2p. In sealed paper.
CONDITION: In very good condition.
Foreign Language Inscription: Yo, Diego del Pozo escribano doy fe que este día de la fecha acierto vino naturalmente Don Francisco Moctezuma y Torres vecino de esta villa a quien doy fe y conozco, y con el he comunicado diferentes cosas tal y que le he preguntado y me ha respondido
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Testimony by Descendant of Emperor Moctezuma

Year: 1679
Decade: 1670s
Century: 17th (1601-1700)

Testimony given by a descendant of Emperor Moctezuma. Letter notifying that Francisco Moctezuma y Torres testified in Caceres, Spain; although, there is no mention on the specific matter. Very rare letter that makes reference to the Aztec Emperor´s  Moctezuma linage in Spain.Transcription: I, Diego del Pozo notary attest that in this day date, came naturally Don Francisco Moctezuma y Torres of this town, whom I know, and I have communicated with him about different things that I have asked and he has responded me.According to Antonio Gutiérrez Escudero, the family line of Moctezuma in Spain started with Juan De Moctezuma when he visited the King of Spain to request a grant of arms. He then settled in Caceres, and married Doña Elvira Toledo Paredes.  His sons, Don Juan Toledo Moctezuma (1559-1608) and Pedro Moctezuma. Both sons received parts of the lifetime rents from the Caja Real De México, and they founded their own “Mayorazgos”;  Because of that, the Spanish Moctezumas where divided in two different Mayorazgos houses. Francisco Moctezuma Torres, was the descendant of Pedro Moctezuma, and lived until 1674 from the Indian Rents, proper from his nobility title. According to the author the Spanish linage of Moctezuma charged more rents from their nobility titles than the Mexican ones.  (Ciencia, economía y política en Hispanoamérica colonial. Editorial CSIC – CSIC Press, 2000 -)