TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: black leather; gilt title
priceInfo: Value-$ 8,500,000 (this figure is based on the accounting methods of Donald Trump’s appraisers) 
ITEM ID: 3415

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The Donald Trump Bible

Year: 1984
Decade: 1980s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Donald Trump, American financier, deal maker and gambling mogul, once near bankruptcy, he has recovered nearly all his former wealth. An unusual signed item by the controversial big mouth, a Bible inscribed to his one-time wife Marla Maples, “The Living Bible Paraphrased,” “Executive Slim Line Edition.”  Boldly inscribed on the title page: “Sept. 30 / 91 Marla – Mrs. [Christine C.] DeMoss sent this to me – She and Billy Graham are wonderful people who you made a great impression on. Read every word! Love Donald.”

Name: Wheaton, Il
Type: Author
Name: Tyndale House Publishers
Type: Publisher