TYPE: Clothing
DIMENSIONS: -Photocopy 8" x 10" -Shirt measures: 29" long x 20 1/2 wide -Pants measure: 33" long x 39" waist
COMPONENTS: Complete Spike baseball uniform (#16 on the back) includes: - V-neck shirt and pants with back pockets (polyester) -Cleats - The cleats are Soccer Cleats - Converse - Mens Size (unknown). The soles of the bottom of the cleats measure 11 1/2" -Baseball Glove - Louisville Slugger LSG 26; Greg Nettles Signature Series; top grain cowhide leather; - H&B (Hillerich & Bradsby Co.); Tri Action. -Team Baseball Hat with the Spike logo, size M/L,adjustable -Pair of leather batting gloves (two different logo names) -Striped long baseball socks -2 pairs of red stirrups -Photocopy of an original picture of the Spike gay baseball team in uniform, from the 1980's
NOTES: This is an extremely rare, historical and complete baseball uniform from one of the most famous gay bars in Chelsea, NYC.
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The Spike Baseball Uniform and Photo

Decade: 1980s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Complete, vintage, 1980’s baseball uniform, from the Spike Rebels gay baseball team includes team photo.

One of the first gay baseball teams in the 1980’s, from the Spike gay bar in Chelsea, NYC. The team was know as the Spike Rebels. Included is an 8″ x 10″ photocopy of an original photograph of the Spike gay baseball team in uniform from the 1980’s.