TYPE: Film
CONDITION: Official program (EX-MT+), Color postcard (NRMT),
NOTES: Most theaters destroyed the films after the showings but this one survived.
ITEM ID: 4077

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“The Super Fight” Film Reel and Ephemera

Year: 1970
Decade: 1970s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

The actual film reel of the fantasy fight which was sent to theaters in 1970, plus the official program (EX-MT+), a color postcard (NRMT), and boxing magazine (cover detached).

This fantasy fight was the brainchild of Jack Woroner who conceived it as a means of settling a lawsuit with Muhammad Ali who had sued him for defamation of character when Woronor had him loose to Jim Jeffries in the All-Time Heavyweight Tournament and Championship of 1967, another fantasy boxing concept.

Ali and The Rock actually sparred together for seventy-five rounds and then the footage was spliced together. The results of the fight were kept as a heavily guarded secret until the movie was released. Marciano, who died a month after filming ended, won in the thirteenth round.