TYPE: TV/Movie Props
DIMENSIONS: 19 in. high x 21 in. wide x 11/2 in. deep.
COMPONENTS: Constructed of fiberglass with a faux bronze metal finish.
CONDITION: It exhibits light wear commensurate with age and production use, with scuffs and tiny chips, but remains in Very Good to Fine condition overall.
NOTES: From The Comisar Collection. The Comisar Collection, Inc. is the most comprehensive archive of original television costumes, props, sets, and related ephemera in extant. Since its inception in 1989, the collection’s mission has been to conserve and celebrate television’s tangible history, and its artifacts span the history of television from the first flickering moments of the broadcast medium to what was on TV last night.

Acquired from Trump Productions LLC and Mark Burnett Productions.
ITEM ID: 5472
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The Trump Family Crest from Boardroom of The Apprentice

Decade: 2000s
Century: 21st (2001-2100)
Notes: (NBC TV, 2004-2017)

The Trump Family Crest from Boardroom of The Apprentice (NBC TV, 2004-2017).

This fiberglass faux gold patinated family crest features a prominent knight’s helm and gauntlet grasping a spear, with chevron engrailed gules between three rearing lions, filigree border and “TRUMP” name on the lower scroll. This crest was displayed behind Donald Trump’s long boardroom table and was used during Seasons 5 through 7 of this reality show, including the Season 7 finale at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Apprentice is an American reality television program that judges the business skills of a group of contestants. It has run in various formats across fifteen seasons since January 2004 on NBC, with the most recent season having run in 2017.

Donald Trump was the show’s host for the first fourteen seasons. Trump was fired by NBC when the studio disagreed with remarks he made about Mexican immigrants during his announcement that he was running for President of the United States on June 16, 2015. 

You may not have known — but may not be surprised to know — that Donald Trump has a coat of arms: a shield featuring three lions surrounding a pair of chevrons, with an outstretched arm above it, holding an arrow at an angle. You may be equally unsurprised to learn that Trump’s coat of arms is plagiarized. It was taken from the family that originally built the Florida Mar-a-Lago estate, which the president now owns and calls his “winter White House.”