TYPE: Letter
DIMENSIONS: letter, 5" x 8" lined sheet postal cover, 5 3/8" x 3.5"
COMPONENTS: Letter and postal cover written on both sides of a 5" x 8" lined sheet.
CONDITION: The letter has two horizontal folds, but otherwise is in fine condition. The postal cover is creased on the right edge, but otherwise good condition.
NOTES: A letter offers a rare glimpse into everyday life in early Tombstone and how its residents hoped to reap financial gain from the mining business.
priceInfo: 6/11/16
ITEM ID: 3641
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Tombstone, Arizona: Bank Teller Writes to His Mother about Making Money from Mining Stock.

Year: 1881
Notes: March 7, 1881

A letter sent by Benjamin Titus, Tombstone, Arizona Territory, to Eliza Titus, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, March 7, 1881.

In his letter, Titus informs his mother of his hopes of securing a stock position in the Three Brothers Mine and in the Bob Ingersoll Mine. The letter is accompanied by a postal cover that is stamped Tombstone, March 7 on the front and stamped New York, March 17 on the back.

Titus worked as a bank teller in the Stafford, Hudson and Company Bank in Tombstone and also served as Grand Master of the local Masonic lodge, King Solomon Lodge #5, from 1885 to 1886.