MATERIAL: Photography
TYPE: Photographs (loose)
DIMENSIONS: The photograph measures 6 3/8 x 8 3/8 inches in entirety.
CONDITION: In very acceptable condition, this black & white glossy photo has handwriting on the reverse which reads, "Bucky O'Neall" (bad spelling) and "Gerald Poe Martyn (previous owner of the photo), July 3 1907".  The reverse shows expected yellowing of paper. The front shows various bend marks from handling, surface scratches, and four staple marks (one at each corner). The white border is approximately 1/8 inch at each side.  
ITEM ID: 3741

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Tombstone, Arizona Territory: Bucky O’Neall Antique Black and White Glossy Photograph

Year: 1907

Antique black and white glossy portrait photograph of Bucky O’Neill probably acquired by the owner when the city of Prescott, Arizona erected a bronze statue honoring O’Neill, on July 3, 1907.