MATERIAL: Photography (Sepia)
TYPE: Photographs (loose)
DIMENSIONS: The photo measures 5 3/8 inches wide x 3 7/8 inches, the card measures 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches,
CONDITION: Hand writing on the back in black fountain pen and blue ink. Good condition, mounted on pressed cardboard, one ink stain in extreme lower left corner that shows on reverse. Card has rounded corners, there are red ink marks noting cropping of photo for newspaper publication. Some surface scratching, minor indents, scuffs. Photo is still crisp, but there was a small undeveloped area on Charles Etchells' head. Has lengthy notation of provenance, subjects and commentary on the reverse (please see description).
ITEM ID: 3830
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Tucson Arizona Territory Antique Photograph

Century: 20th (1901-2000)

This antique photograph shows some important early residents of Tucson, Arizona Territory. The photo had to be taken prior to or in 1900, as Charles T. Etchells (shown in photo) passed in 1900. It has the Buehman Collection number of B118 penciled in upper right corner on the reverse, and 4 col (for newspaper publication) penciled in upper right corner, also on reverse. Handwritten on the reverse in fine black fountain pen ink:
“Property of Sam Mansfeld
Given to him by Harlan M. Richey
from E. P. Van Kuren’s Collection
Then in blue ink pen, “Willis P. Haynes at extreme left, (leaning against tree) old Sam Hughes, adult, in the rear and the tall boy Lawrence Lovell, even with Hughes’ head, then one of the Hughes’ boys and next to him is Etchells the Blacksmith. Boy with the hatchet is Sam Hughes Jr., Ben Jones (Oscar Buckalew’s (sp) nephew) is directly in front of young Sam Hughes (and has the dog in his lap). Right in front of Sam Hughes Sr. is Petria Etchells and seated in front of Petria is Mrs. Sam Hughes with one of her baby daughters on her lap. Sitting in the rear, with her arm over the chair is “Aunt” Annie Hughes. Siting in the plaid dress is probably “Lizzie” (Mrs. Knox Corbett), and standing at right is possibly “Maggie” (Mrs. Frank Treat), maybe the little girls sitting on ground at the right are Emma (Landon), Jessie (Stradling) and Attie (Mrs. Barnhart).Willis P. Haynes (1857-1911) Well-known photographer of the Arizona Territory photographed Tucson, Yuma, and Prescott areas. Sam Hughes (1829-1917) Served as Pima County Sheriff, County Treasurer, Arizona Territory Adjunct General, and on the Tucson City Council. Known as the “Uncle Sam” of Tucson, he donated land and money for construction of churches and schools, and to the poor. He was an organizing member of Arizona Pioneers Historical Society.Lawrence Lovell Jr. (1915 – 1971), (not in the photo), was a rocket scientist who developed the first engine to break the sound barrier. His father, shown in the photo, was a mining engineer.Charles T. Etchells (1837-1900) The Blacksmith, owned a 150 foot square foot Blacksmith Shop, established in 1868, that employed eight men and also made wagons.Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Mrs. J. Knox Corbett) (1864-1936)