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Two Postcards of Jindřich Waldes Factory

Decade: 2020s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Two postcards of Jindřich Waldes factory, letters from Colombia To Prague,Czechoslovakia dated to the 1920s.  There is also an envelope showing the Waldes factory.

Mostly sent to Prague or other branches of Waldes factory from the world.

Related to the factory of Jindřich Waldes (also Heinrich Waldes or Henry Waldes; 2 July 1876, Nemyšl – 1 July 1941, Havana) was a leading industrialist, founder of the Waldes Koh-i-noor Company, Czech patriot of Jewish origin and art collector.

From the documents collection of Otto Hoffe (who worked in Waldes factory). He was the husband of Ilse Esther Hoffe (8 May 1906 – 2 September 2007) a Jewish woman known for being the secretary and presumed mistress of writer Max Brod. Upon his death in 1968, she received a large trove of materials relating to Franz Kafka, Brod’s friend. Some of these were sold but most were controversially passed, unreleased to the public, to her two daughters after her own death. She was born in Troppau (Opava).