TYPE: Book
DIMENSIONS: 5.75 X 4.5 in.
COMPONENTS: 771 + 243 pages; plus indexes, prefaces, and such
CONDITION: tight and secure leather binding
NOTES: Provenance: Gifted by E.L. Davies (Pastor of First Congregational Church – Battle Creek)
ITEM ID: 1127
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Underground Railroad Bible

Year: 1862
Decade: 1860s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Anti-slavery sentiment flourished here, and Battle Creek soon became one of the important stops on the “Quaker Route” of the Michigan Underground Railroad. Many fleeing slaves crossed into the free territory of the North across the Ohio River. Most wished to travel even further north, away from the danger of pursuing slave catchers. These freedom seekers had two choices: the first was to proceed straight north through Ohio and across Lake Erie into Canada. The other primary route to Canada led west through Ohio to Indiana and Michigan. The “Quaker Route” began in Indiana and traveled through Cass County in southern Michigan, then north through Schoolcraft to Battle Creek. The route then turned east through Marshall to Detroit, where the refugees crossed over to the safety of Canada.

Name: American Bible Society
Type: Publisher