TYPE: Letter
COMPONENTS: Archive of 15 letters, 11 with transmittal envelopes.
NOTES: Much more great content. Overall very good condition.
ITEM ID: 4878

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Vietnam War Archive of Sgt. Walter Stratz

Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: April 1969 to April 1970

Archive of letters (with transmittal envelopes) from Vietnam soldier Sgt. Walter Stratz, 7th Cavalry, to Mr. Ed Byrne.

The letters elaborately detail Stratz’s military service from April 1969 to April 1970, and contain incredible details about the life of an American soldier in Vietnam. Most notably, his letter dated July 20, 1969 reads in part: “…I am in a real tough combat zone… we operate along the Cambodian border and it’s a pretty risky place… guys here come down with malaria just to get out… had my first rocket attack, about 4 landed a ½ mile from our barracks at midnight… it is really amazing the military buildup we have here but I don’t see how we can win this war…”

His letter from Oct. 30, [1969], reads in part: “…went through a 220 bunker complex but no one was home… going through bamboo jungle that is just unbelievable… read about the War Moratorium over here but it doesn’t have much effect on most of the fellows… when you are out in the boonies looking for Mr. Charles, politics come last…”

His letter dated Dec. 9, [1969], reads in part: “…You’re the only one I can tell what’s actually happening… and not have anyone worry… NVA must be getting ready for Tet Offensive… place is crawling with them… two were killed… they were cut in half so many rounds hit them… this is the hottest place in Nam…”

In addition, his letter from Dec. 26, [1969], reads in part: “…We spent Christmas Eve on a night ambush…word of the day was ‘only one more killing day til Christmas’…I went to a steam-bath and massage given by these really cute gals, needless to say a problem arose during the massage and they also had facilities to take care of that…boy did it ever feel great to have a little loving after five months in the jungle…our Company Commander won’t let us go to Bien Hoa city unless we show him a packet of rubbers…”