TYPE: Mask
DIMENSIONS: Width: 17 centimetersHeight: 20.5 centimeters
CONDITION: In decent condition for the age, with some repair.
NOTES: This fine example has been beautifully painted. Very rare to find thin paper masks still preserved!
ITEM ID: 5380
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  • Artwork

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Yao Shaman’s Mask

Decade: 1930s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

A unique Yao Shaman’s mask, from the early 20th century, representing a figure of the Yao Taoist pantheon.
Central to the Yao religion are the shaman. These masks were worn during a variety of rituals, including funerals, marriages, healing, or repelling evil spirits. Made from layers of handmade rice paper. Natural colouring to make the paints. The shaman’s name is written on the back in Han Chinese characters.